– APA-OTS, June 2, 2021

The entrepreneurs Josef Katzgraber, an expert in tourism, fintech and blockchain investments, Paul Pöltner, founder of Guiding Innovators INNOVATE, specializing in organic venture building, and the visionary Günter Kerbler started the Space Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna last year – One Room in which innovations become reality. The family office “Merope Capital” has now been founded out of this. “I think it’s great what we have achieved together over the past few months”. Josef Katzgraber is pleased with the successful implementation of the first joint business.

The family office “Merope Capital”

In autumn 2020 the “Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna” was founded with the aim of building a family office based on the organic venture building approach. “A family office was created that allows efficient and individual management of the portfolio. In addition, it offers reliable control over the assets to be managed, ”emphasizes Herbert Schoderböck. With Herbert Schoderböck joining the company, the Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna became Merope Capital. Josef Katzgraber and Herbert Schoderböck, who specialize in M&A, support and accompany the existing investments with their expertise and are always open to further involvement in start-up companies with “great spirit” and innovative ideas.

Strengthen innovation potential

“Our family office optimizes and creates space for new perspectives. Especially in times of crisis, it is an advantage to be able to fall back on additional resources outside of your own company quickly and easily. The family office creates more perspectives and is a creative sparring partner for innovative topics. In times of Corona, a value that is appreciated more than ever, ”says Josef Katzgraber.

The HoHo Vienna, the second tallest wooden skyscraper in the world, embodies many of the values ​​that the family office will bring to the world.

“If you have the courage to realize a vision, I advise you to consistently pursue your goal. When we went public with the idea of ​​the HoHo Wien, questions arose as to whether such a high proportion of wood was even possible. That’s why I’m happy I know that through the innovation space “Guiding Innovators Hub Vienna” we have established a family office that is associated with the ecological idea of ​​a sustainable property made of wood “, explains investor and co-founder Günter Kerbler.

Organic Venture Building as a unique impulse

Paul Pöltner played a leading role in the conceptual development and design. It stands for the unique approach of organic venture building. He explains: “The goal of Organic Venture Building is to build companies that create a sustainable ecosystem. But that takes more than just a company. It takes a clear vision and a mindset to think long-term and drive the constant transformation forward. The right balance between all those involved enables personal growth in order to achieve great things .” Pöltner adds: “At Organic Venture Building, the focus is on people and Guiding Innovators will bring about the necessary change for the social consensus”.

About Guiding Innovators:

Guiding Innovators was founded in 2020 with the aim of unlocking global innovation potential. As guiding innovators, it is our concern to build successful companies together through organic venture building, to spread our mindset, to think long-term and sustainably and to drive forward the constant transformation. With a dynamic, authentic team full of enthusiasm, the founders Paul Pöltner and Michaela Rothleitner shape the future of and with companies.